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American Quarter Horses



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Stud Fee | $800 
Includes first shipment and chute fee. Bred for the Showpen, Built for the Ranch. Boon's foals are well tempered, easy to train and wickedly athletic. Stout with good bone, they excel in careers ranging from reined cow, cutting, roping, ranching to the barrel pen.


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We are a small ranch situated at the base of the Bighorn Mountains. We offer  select prospects for sale from our small, hand crafted breeding program and a stallion at stud. In 2021 we will be adding a full suite of facilities and boarding services for local equestrians and polo players.


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American Quarter Horses




Broodmare Shot

Several neighbors reported hearing gun shots during the afternoon of Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 28)  coming from the area surrounded by Bird Farm Rd, Kruse Creek Rd and US 87 Sheridan WY.  Possibly from behind the eagle stone ranch. Our family was feeding/running utility vehicles across our property, or inside and therefore was unable to hear them.


At 5:00 Smoke is found (at 44.65106, -106.93878), standing with a small but serious pool of blood around her foot with active bleeding coming from her hind right leg, seen by a headlamp. It was quite dark. Believing she was cut up at first, Joe, waited with her as his brother in law drove back to the house for a halter. Holding Smoke with a hay string to keep her from moving Joe could see bone protruding from the deep cut on the medial side of leg. Brother in law returned, Smoke was haltered and Joe could closer inspect the wound. Upon further inspection they realized the full extent of the injury, a shattered and compounded fractured cannon bone of the hind right leg half way between hock and fetlock, with a bullet hole on the lateral side of the leg. In the short time it took for him to return, the blood pool became expansive, leading us to believe it was either an arterial or heavy venous bleed. Between that factor and the very minimal swelling, which was determined by sight and touch when we found her, we believe we found her reasonably quickly after she was shot. Smoke had been seen late morning that day healthy and moving with ease.


Examining her with the head lamp it quickly became evident that her cannon bone was completely shattered, a perfect hole the size of the tip of an index finger lateral side of the cannon and a large exit wound on the medial side of the cannon approximately two inches distal of the lateral entry hole. A blood spatter of approximately three feet pointing west toward the county road Bird Farm Road which Smoke had been standing approximately 15 yards from. Direction of bullet flight would have been generally Westward. Smoke was facing East when found but had not moved location from site of injury as noted by no other trace of blood in the snow in the area. With bullet direction and lateral to medial impact of hind right, Smoke had been facing North when shot, and pivoted a quarter turn East. That is the direction from where several neighbors have reported hearing gun shots, an area that elk had been seen that day.


Smoke was humanely euthanized very quickly upon discovering the severity of the injury. If anyone knows anyone or had seen anyone hunting, walking  or shooting near or in this area around the dates that may have seen something please give - Joe Bratz a call at 406-407-2193.





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